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A Tragic Death in Chile: Media Coverage

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Here is a quick run down of the facts:


On Oct. 6, this year.

A 37 yr old man over indulges in alcohol, in this case crapsinth. His friend, a 40 y.o. man, tries to sober him up by drawing him a cold bath, and then leaves him alone. The first man is found dead from drowning the next day, and the second was arrested (and later released) for his negligence.


So here is how the media in Chile covered the story, and portrayed and sometimes sensationalized absinthe. I only have a high school level of Spanish, so I can't comment exactly on what is being said. I think you can get the tone of the stories even if you don't understand all the words.


Video clip #1

This one seems the worst, the most tabloid and sensationalized: :poop:


Video clip #2

Shows the 2nd man in court facing charges. Interviews with liquor store clerks :chop: .



Video clip #3

CNN Chile.This one seems the most responsible reporting, with notes on responsible drinking.





From the comments the Chilean public are posting, I think most peoples understand that the *real* story is *not* about absinthe. It is about binge drinking, and the possible negligence of the second man.

He just happened to be drinking 'absento', and the same thing would have happened if the fellow had too much beer, wine or other drink.

But since it was absinth(e), the media got worked up.

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