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What are you Smoking?!?!

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Sure, but what are the two of you really smoking?


Enquiring minds need to know. :police:

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We swear officer, the last green thing we smoked was a double claro cigar. :shifty:


Enjoying a Famous Smoke Vitola Especiales with a Sierra Nevada Torpedo. Ordered a five pack of these sticks for five bucks to qualify for free shipping. Wasn't expecting much, but we're pleasantly surprised for being only one bone apiece.


And, by the way, how goes the clown's birthday? :holiday: Best wishes, as always, good sir. Hope you have a merry time... not too merry, however, that you don't remember most of it. :drunk:

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Peterson University Flake and reading Satantango (finished the film last weekend, but I already like the book a bit better). :twitchsmile: Pessoa's Book of Disquiet is next on our list after that.

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