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Absinthe Tasting on Youtube

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Derrick has the quality of eccentricity, he's quirky, he brings a smile to my face......Now Gary :twitchsmile: on the other hand is one tweaky/interjecting guy and is night and day from the chill as a cucumber Brian. When he busted out "Ricolaaaaa!" I lost it :laf: He could definately have drank just a little more to take the edge off. Beware of those red canaries! I think he's done enough of them. :shock:


Brian you've handled it well. I would definately like to chill with you and have a few drinks together you seem like an okay guy! :cheers:


Great videos guys (gender nuetral) thoroughly enjoyed them! :thumbup:

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Crackhead Gary! :laugh:

That's funny as hell. Gary reminds me of Joe Pesci's character on the 'Lethal Weapon' movies. "Okay, okay, okay". Whereas Derrick reminds me of a ramped up Woody Allen. All in good fun now. No disrespect intended.

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