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Distiller from the UK

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Hi Everyone,


My name is John and I'm the Distiller at Adnams on the Suffolk Coast, UK. Adnams is a Brewery established in 1872. I have been there since 2001 as a brewery engineer. It is in that role I ran the project to install a new distillery in 2010, subsequently becoming the Distiller on completion. I have always been interested in spirits of all types and especially fascinated with Absinthe and its history. We produce our own Vodkas, Gins, Eau de Vie, Whiskies and Liqueurs. All spirits start life as a wash in our brewhouse. The Adnams Copper House Verte and Rouge Absinthes are the newest to our range and I have just loved developing the recipes, using Duplais and de Brevans as a starting point, but then putting my own mark on them. They are produced in the traditional way with primary maceration and distillation, followed by secondary maceration for colouring. I'm really pleased with them and if you try them I'd love to hear your comments.



John (Distiller69)

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Hi and welcome to the forum. :wave2:


I'm sure we'll soon read more and more about your successes.


Looking forward to sipping your products. :cheers:

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My opinion of course, but I still think of rouge absinthes as novelties. Not that novelty is bad, I just don't see making it a staple in production. Maybe a one-off batch for fun.


Still haven't tried the Slerpis, of course, but there was a bright green absinthe slushee in Boveresse that was pretty tasty. Especially on that warm day. I don't much care for warm, which is ironic, all things considered.

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Well, John, I'm sipping a glass of your verte right now.


I have a couple questions but I'll ask those via PM.


The Label is absolutely gorgeous. Simply elegant! :)

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