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"In Absinthe We Trust"

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I found a news article about how the distillers responded to an 'absinthe rend fou' episode of CSI: NY


It looks like the episode (from 2007) just hit Swiss TV this last January 2012.


The distillers from the VdT got together and made a special batch of of absinthe to send to producers of the show, a limited edition of 500 bottles.


The article, in French with a couple of pics, HERE

Here is the google translation:



No, absinthe does not insane! This is the message wants to convey the Association of artisanal distillers of absinthe in the Val de Travers, recently established. Four distillers came together to produce the first assembly of absinthe, the resulting mixture of four specific recipes. This drink, named Wormwood In We Trust, available in a limited edition of 500 numbered bottles. This is an episode of CSI Manhattan who set fire to the powder. In one aspect of this American television series, broadcast in January, a character drinks absinthe before amok. This fiction has boosted distillers four friends who decided to respond. They sent the first bottle to the producer of the series with an invitation to visit the Val de Travers to discover the real product and its history.


These "experts" Vallon self-proclaimed claim to be able to enlighten you all that trouble you. They plan to organize theme days and conferences to present the legendary drink. They argue that other distillers are welcome within the association, although some have declined.


The public will have a first opportunity to discover this new drink Boveresse Saturday at the Absinthe Festival.


And an another article in English, from January HERE


New to Swiss TV, but old for us in the USA, the WS thread from 2007 HERE

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