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The Sheltering Sky

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I recently picked up a book of Paul Bowles' short stories and have been revisiting his other writings, when I discovered he actually made several mentions of Pernod (possibly both the pastis and the post-ban absinthe) in his 1949 novel, The Sheltering Sky. Here's the most significant passage I found:


“Another Pernod?” said Tunner to Port.

Kit frowned. “If it were real Pernod—”

“It's not bad,” said Tunner, as the waiter set a bottle of mineral water on the table.

“Ce n'est pas du vrai Pernod?”

“si, si, c'est du Pernod,” said the waiter.


The characters are frequently drinking Pernod throughout the book. There isn't enough about absinthe in it to make it worth reading for that reason alone, but it's a phenomenally good book which I highly recommend.

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