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Joe Legate

Gwydion Stone's Big Day

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Happy Birthday, sir!


You've been awfully quiet around these parts as of late but, just know, many of us are always grateful in what you've done for us. Many friends and lifetime experiences have been made, just because of what you did in creating this wonderful site. I, for one, will always be appreciative, even though I don't say so screaming from the rooftop as often as I probably should.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!

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It seems like only yesterday when I made a complete ass of myself at the first Wormwood Society gathering...hard to believe it's been nearly thirteen years. :fork:


Happiest of birthdays, youngster! :b-day: :b-day: :b-day:

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What are the odds that I happen to check back in with WS on June 5? I still have a bottle of Classique somewhere, that worth anything yet or do I have to wait till you kick off? Happy BD ;)

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