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Rotweisser, "Jaggersinthe"?

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..infused with Absinth (Artemesia Absinthium) originally drank by German Officers in World War 2.


Over dinner at the Inga family residence (Straight Up Drinks Italian supplier) the topic of conversation revolved around the UK drinks market in general along with Mr Piper's own drinks background (he used to work for a Czech Absinth brand). The conversation prompted Mr Elio Inga to talk about a product his father had made for German officers who had commandeered the Inga family residence as their own during the war. Showing hospitality to the German Officers Gaetano Inga (Elio's father) had produced a herbal liqueur specifically for their tastes.


Straight Up Drinks Managing Director Darryl Piper commented "we needed a strong German name for the new product because without the input of the German Officers all those years ago Rotweisser simply wouldn't have existed"


excerpts from promo page http://www.prlog.org/11800761-rotweisser-t...-in-the-uk.html


Oh, those poor homesick, residence-commandeering bastids

Promo = FAIL :thumbdown:

I guess the former 'Czech absinth brand' guy figured :chop: wont sell anymore, so lets imply Nazis ??. :poop:


Historic liquor my ass, this is total bullshit marketeering.


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I think he wants to try it. :laugh:




How'd you find out I'm really "Mikey", all growed up? :laugh:

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