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Septante 7

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You can find quite a few absinthe that haven't been mentioned on the major forums. One way to get some info on those is to check out the pedigree. So with a quick google hunt, you can find out that Septante is from Willie Bovet.



Next, you can see if the distiller, other brands made them, are reviewed or discussed. Just a rough guide of course.

Bovet's absinthes are generally reviewed favorably, so I think it is safe one to try. I have had the Le Chat, and thought it pretty good, but not great.


The Swiss are the only nation with a strict definition for absinthe, so none of the brands will be a total 'crapsinths'. The worst are mediocre, and there are many of those. And some are fantastic.


If you decide to go for it, report back and let us know what you think! :cheerz:

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