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Joe Legate

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I'm always late to the party, huh?


But I bring good news from the future past! I am doing an art show that is heavy on the absinthe imagery at one of the museums that turned me down years ago when I asked about my time travel photo shoot!




For those who don't dig Bookface, check this out: http://www.victoriamansion.org/


The private opening is tomorrow night and I will be educating folks on the history and correct preparation of absinthe. We'll be serving Lucid as they are paying for it and it was the best the local liquor store carried (I may bring a few other things though for comparison in case folks get really interested. I still have a bit of Walton Waters for example...).


Anyway, I am sorry I don't make it here too often, but I am so happy to see you are all doing well!





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I'm always late to the party, huh?


They say time is relative, so maybe not. :)


Good to see you stop by, Time Traveler! :cheers:

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Hope it was a great one!

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