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Allergies to herbs used in Absinthe

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I think I'm allergic to speedwell (veronica), which I believe to be one of the main flavoring herbs in VdF that I like so much. I had half a cup of speedwell tea the other night and I got my typical red face reaction. I'm pissed about it, and the fact that I drank a lot of absinthe at GAAF without any sort of reaction. I'm starting to wonder if the non-stop wildfire smoke in the area is aggravating my system as well. Regardless...fuck you allergies.

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I see this thread is pretty old, but I can contribute that after a few years of drinking absinthe, in 2018 I had 2 rounds of different brands of absinthe on a cruise ship (which was after some other drinks in the day - don't judge it's a cruise after all!) and woke up the next day with an extremely enlarged uvula. In fact I thought initially I had some food stuck in my throat.  This took several hours to shrink with the help a Benadryl.  After that event I read that alcohol alone may have been the culprit, and not necessarily absinthe.  Fast forward to 2021.  I have had several outings with alcohol since that time, with no issues at all.  However, none of those involved the green farie. Today I decided to test my constitution again, without having a drop of any alcohol of any kind in the days prior.  Sure enough, it happened again after only 2 sips!  Such a shame.  I really enjoyed that drink, including the taste, the color, the process, and the history behind it.  Back to Old Fashions and Dark and Stormies, and yes, my low brow go to, Bud Light.

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