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Distillation question

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Consider the posting as as a compliment on the WS. After all, you don't get e-mails stating,

I loved the artikle on absinthe. What wante to know is how I can make me some to give to my fighting roosters they go an fight a match. Right I give them a combination of efedrin/caffine and bourbon, but absinthe sounds like it would be even better in my rooster cocktail.


At least, I hope you don't.

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Just don't try putting 20mL of wormwood oil in a 1Lbottle of absinth or your will trip ballz™.


My wife bought me a bottle of Anise Oil once. I sniffed it and then I think I threw it out since I can't find it any more. No real aroma to it.

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There is a style of beer known as Ice beer (e.g. Eis Bock).  It is made by brewing a normal beer and once fermentation is complete, partially freezing it and removing part of the ice. The beer it then allowed to stabilize above freezing and finished.


Aventinus Eis Bock


According to US law, this is illegal as it concentrates alcohol.



Any method of concentrating alcohol is considered 'Distillation' under federal law, whether it involves heat or not.

That's also the process for a classic American drink, applejack. Freeze distillation. You just leave a tub full of new cider outside during a good hard freeze. Pick out the ice and eat it. Repeat until it no longer freezes (alcohol acts and an anti-freeze, so you'll still have water left); and what you're left with will be 60-80 proof.


The process is far inferior to still distillation for making brandys and similar fruit-based distillates since it concentrates the methyl and fusel alcohols produced by the fermenation process, sometimes to toxic levels. Methyl and fusel alcohols are not typically a significant part of grain-based fermentation, so it's considerably safer for eisbock and similar ice beers.

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