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Stumbling in, four days after the fact. Wow! If only I'd known. I'm not used to having people fuss over my birthday. Thanks, everyone.


I turned 13 in 1964. That was the birthday to end all. A blizzard hit overnight, and I woke up to the news that school was cancelled.


And then there was my birthday present: the Aurora model guillotine kit. A working model. You'd pull a string, the blade would fall, and the guy's head would drop into the basket.


That first week, I oversaw hundreds, if not thousands of executions. The following week I went out and bought a second guillotine. I outfitted the second man in a dress, glued a cotton ball to his head, and pretended he was Marie Antoinette.


Now I haunt absinthe sites. My life.........what a strange ride it's been.

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