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Michael Symon

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I took my family on a short trip to the Cleveland area for a few days this week. (Yeah, I know, cold-weather vacation hotspot, right? I'm from Buffalo, heard 'em all :tongue: )


My wife is a major Food Network fan, so as a Christmas present we went to Michael Symon's B-spot and Lolita restaurants for dinner on successive nights. Both were amazing.


B-spot is nice-casual, and specializes in gourmet burgers, which actually is not an oxymoron here. Great selection of beers, too. My brother-in-law and his wife, who live in the area, joined us for dinner and enjoyed it as well.


Lolita terms itself a "neighborhood boutique" and has quite an eclectic menu. Can't say I've ever had Roasted Bone Marrow with salsa verde & scallions on grilled bread for an appetizer before...It may sound kind of gross, but believe it or not, it was one of my kids that wanted to order it. Go figure. Unusual texture, but very tasty. Our other starter, Crispy Chicken Livers with soft polenta, mushrooms & bacon was delicious.

Dinners were reasonably priced, especially considering the reputation & popularity of the chef.


Alas, no absinthe was spotted, but the cocktail menu and beer selection were excellent.

Great food & good times with loved ones, no better way to celebrate the holiday season!


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La Gloria, our favorite (really) authentic Mexican taqueria always throws in a few marrow bones in their various caldos, and they're definitely the secret to making an otherwise very good soup truly exceptional.

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