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Absinthe.se reworked...

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Hell yeah.


Took a while, but it's done. Absinthe.se is reworked with a completely new design and a lot of additions made both in historical findings and elsewhere.


New nice findings regarding Oscar Wilde, Absinthe history in Scandinavia and also some new poems, never previously translated to english (thank you pierreverte!).


And to be really annoying - there's also the FULL lyrics to Absinthe Frappé by MacDonough... as opposed to what you thought was it... ;)


Now I don't have time for this.. must fill up with all the reviews I've been holding back for the launch of this.

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What a great site! I found myself spending way too much time at work yesterday, reading the articles.


Also, the design looks great without getting impractical, which sadly enough seems to be a bit rare now that so many sites want to incorporate Facebook-ish elements.

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