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Evan Camomile

University Presentation on Artemisia Absinthium

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recorded November 28th 2011.


Kid gets some pretty well researched things wrong (thujone effects) but I can't post comments for some reason.


The claim that thujone isn't well researched got me all red in the face, try researching the Aghori Sadhus in 2004 before NatGeo found them. There's your lack of scientific information, current thujone research is a gold mine compared to that.




EDIT: no URLs in posting comments so I chopped off the www. part and now I have a comment pending approval.

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At least he wasn't sensationalizing, merely repeating published misinformation. I'm guessing he used some of the older books to research this: Jad Adams' Hideous Absinthe, and probably Barnaby Conrad's Absinthe: History in a Bottle. That, along with some internet skimming.


I find it interesting that he refers to the thujone-induced convulsions as anecdotal, but speaks about the hallucinations as if that were a well-established fact.

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