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Reno, NV. Oct 21

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Found this little blurb on RGJ:





Beginning at 6 p.m. Oct. 21, Sterling's Seafood Steakhouse is presenting a dinner featuring four courses paired with absinthe or absinthe cocktails. The absinthe drinking ritual also will be demonstrated. Cost of $99 includes tax and tip.





The above quote is the only information I found about the event.

Source (cached)

Venue no further information as of now, but may change, I would call above number to see if this is worth going to.

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's the drink that is wrapped in mystique, once banned from import and consumption, Absinthe. On Friday, October 21st at 6pm, Sterling's Seafood Steakhouse is featuring the emerald green spirit in a one-of-a-kind exclusive and intimate dinner of fine food and spirit pairing hosted by Brian Szatkowski of Southern Wine and Spirits. Sterling's friendly and elegant staff lead by Restaurant Director, Philip DeManczuk, will welcome guests to the reception with the "Hemingway," an Absinthe drink mixed with Champagne. The four course meal, specially prepared by Sterling's Chef de Cuisine Neil Campbell, will compliment the variety of Absinthe inspired specialty libations.


As guests are seated, the evening will begin with a demonstration of the "Czech Absinthe Ritual" while partaking in the first course of house cured Pine infused Gravlax of Salmon with baby greens and Dijon drizzle. The Czech Ritual consists of placing a sugar cube on a slotted spoon over the glass and then setting the cube ablaze. The sugar cube is then dropped in the glass and served with cold water on the side.


The second course, a Pot-au-Feu of classic Beef and Vegetable soup is paired with "Green Tear." This course will be followed with and intermission of Sorbet followed by the third and main course that will delight. Paired with "Traffic Light" will be sliced roasted Filet Mignon on a bed of braised Fennel and artichoke bottom puree with chateaux potatoes with red wine syrup.


For the grand finale of the evening is the chef prepared dessert of Hidden Valley Honey Panna Cotta, Fennel Breton and Fraises des bois paired with "Van Gogh's Ear." To find out how these Absinthe variations are created, you will have to attend…it is sure to be fascinating.


Ernest Hemingway referred to Absinthe as "brain-warming, idea changing, liquid alchemy" …intrigued? Come and join Sterling's Seafood Steakhouse at Silver Legacy Resort Casino and Southern Wine and Spirits for a evening of great food, spirits and conversation on Friday, October 21 at 6pm. Dinner is $99 inclusive. Reserve your place at the Absinthe Dinner by calling Sterling's Restaurant line at 775-325-7573. Limited seating available.


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