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Fountain Making

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Just one month after purchasing a 2-tap fountain, it was knocked over and shattered. I removed the two taps and made my own for under $20. If you have to purchase taps, they are an additional $11 each, shipped. Buy a 4.5" diameter acrylic cylinder from Pat
Catan's. Drill two 1/2" holes in it and mount spigots. The bottom piece is a pillar candle holder base. I got mine from Big Lots for about $10. I turned the candle holder over so the bigger part was on top, then glued a piece of non-slip shelf liner on it. Here's the link to buying the spigots on Amazon.http://www.amazon.com/Tap-for-glass-fountain-gold/dp/B00AQY4COA/


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Why thank you :cheers:


The base is a felt topped 'candle lantern' holder (like a candlestick holder but designed to rest those electric candles in patterned glass on it instead), the top is a glass cookie jar (both purchased from a discount variety store), the taps are from Absinthes dot com, we used Selley's food grade sealant and had our father in law help us out with drilling the holes for the spigots. 3 days of curing time for the sealant to take hold and voila, one working fountain. :)

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My fountain is finally ready. At the beginning I wanted to glue a jar with a candlestick, but I decided to make a little platform to put jar on it. It will be easier to fill the container or replace in case of damage.

Total cost is ca. 23$, including all the parts (with shipping), epoxy glue, silicon and drilling hole by the glazier.

Some photos from building:

- collecting parts :)

- mounting and sealing a tap

- filing circle from the aluminium plate

- mounting platform

- the fountain :)

I wanted little fountain for one person, so I'm rather satisfied of the final effect.

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Very resourceful. Looks good!


Hard to believe this thread sat dormant for two years.

I meant topic.

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