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Absinth(e) at the Sydney Fringe

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Hi everyone - long time no post!


I was browsing through the programme for the upcoming Sydney Fringe festival, and discovered the following event:


Absinth @ 5 Eliza


"Green Fairy, Original Czech Absinth is hosting Masterclass sessions at 5 Eliza. Come along and indulge in the delights of Absinth! Guests will be taken on a journey through the mysteries of this ancient and once forbidden spirit. While enjoying a cocktail you will be encouraged to sample a selection of different Absinth/e and some clever ideas to recreate delicious drinks at home including the famous Green Fairy Wicked Party Punch.


To conclude the session, all attendees will leave with a Green Fairy goody bag.


Hosted by Gee David (Absinth Aficionado)"


Although it doesn't hide being a company event, it's a shame that the organisers didn't make an attempt to give a taste of real Absinthe -l I hope that their Absinth Aficionado doesn't spend the 2 hours telling stories of hallucinations while setting fire to lots of sugar. In a city which contains a great place to experience Absinthe (Absinthe Salon), run by two people who are dedicated to it (Joop & Gaye) this event could be so much better.


Unless someone pays for my ticket, I'll be saving my money for a few good drinks on my next trip to the Absinthe Salon :)

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