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distill my beating heart

Greetings from the bay of green

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Greetings all. Not normally much of a joiner but I thought I'd take the plunge. Been drinking absinthe for over a year – after a month or so of 'book-learning' on WS reading reviews and benefiting from all the expertise.


I've read so many reviews so many times that I almost feel like I know some of you. I started my real-world experience with Doubs Mystique, moved on to Pacifique, Vieux Carre, and Meadow of Love – tasty – shifted into second gear with Marteau, Duplais Blanche, Ridge Verte, Berthe de Joux, Clandestine, and Duplais Verte; choices based largely on others' expertise which - having little expertise of my own in this area - I greatly appreciate. I've not been disappointed.


I have been spoiled by the availability of such fine offerings, but life is too short to drink swill. I don't think I have a very sophisticated palate but in one way or another I like them all – some more than others of course - based probably on mood; particularly the Pacifique, Meadow of Love, Ridge, Berthe de Joux, Marteau, Clandestine, Duplais…hell like I said, I like them all. I like trying new varieties and look forward to trying others I haven't tried while continuing to drink some of my favorites as long as my liver holds out which - given the fact that I'm an old man of more or less robust disposition - should be just about long enough. Cheers!

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