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My New $40 Homemade Fountain

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Yup. I only buy new. They were a bit dusty from sitting in inventory, but pretty clearly unused. Still gave them a thorough wash in Alconox, then oxyclean, then "bleached the rabies" out of them (to borrow a term from Dave Arnold) for good measure. They're definitely fragile, especially at the spout tips. It's easy to ding them when washing in the sink since they're just large enough to be clumsy. It is Bomex brand glassware, after all, so you can't expect too much in the durability department since they're rarely well-annealed. I still can't get over how dirt cheap they are, though, and they get the job done.


Also, I checked and though they're marked for 500 mL, they fit slightly greater than 750 mL when filled to just below the stopper. That's a pretty convenient number here in the States.


They may leak from the valve area at a slow rate. You can test them by filling them with a colored liquid, come back the next day, and look for drips on the table.

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