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Get drunk cheap

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I literally threw away a bunch of this stuff when the wholesaler did a guerrilla marketing stunt by dropping off a case at the first WS Grande Soirée in NOLA three years ago, unbidden, unannounced.


From across the room I saw a young lady take a first sip of her drink and she winced. I know that look. Not the "Oh. I'd prefer not to drink this" look, but the "Oh my god what is this vile crap and why would anyone want to drink it?" look; total revulsion. Like someone pulled a prank by putting something nasty in her drink. I went right over and asked her what it was. It was Versinthe. I told her to go get a sip of black coffee to take away the aftertaste, assured her that her very first taste of absinthe was not actually absinthe, and I got her a glass of something good. She was immensely grateful.

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