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Sipping Absinthe ;) Listenin' to Music

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Flying Bison Blizzard Bock??? :shock:


So...Tim Herzog rescued (and probably improved upon) the original Buffalo Brewing Company recipe...hmmmm...well, I always really dug his homebrews for the Sultans of Swig, even if I was the founder of Buffalo's rival homebrew club, Brewbonic Plague. It's great to hear that the legacy continues twenty six years on. :thumbup:

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That was a wild one, AJ. Cool.

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Should I close my eyes and prophesize

Hoping maybe some day come

Should I wet the ground with my own tears

Crying over what's been done

Should I lift the dirt and plant the seed

Even though I'll never grow

Should I wet the ground with the sweat from my brow

And believe in my good work


Hey there, I'm flying up above

Looking down on the tired earth

And I can see, I can see potential

Speaking to you, speaking through you

From all of heaven's possibilities


Should I hit the water or stay on dry land

Even though I've never swam

Take machete into the brush

Though at first there is no path


Taste the war paint on my tongue

As it's dripping with my sweat

Place my gaze in the future's path

Seeing things that ain't come yet


Hope to watch the victory dance

After whole day's work is done

Hope to watch the victory dance

In the evening's setting sun



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