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Sipping Absinthe ;) Listenin' to Music

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Southern Tier Creme Brulee. :heart:


David Bowie. :heart:



Five Years

Space Oddity

The Width of a Circle

Diamond Dogs


Life On Mars

The Stars (Are Out Tonight)



Rebel Rebel

Queen Bitch

The Man Who Sold the World

The Jean Genie

Ziggy Stardust

All The Young Dudes

Edited by Alfred Jarry

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Binge listening to the Amy Winehouse tribute (House of the rising Sun) by Rick Derringer - currently favorite version. (On You tube as Amy Winehouse RIP House of the Rising Sun. Love that tune. The Animals version was my favorite for a long time (love that Hammand Organ), but Derringer does a pretty good job, takes me back a lifetime to when I played the light fantastic in a rock band - in what I consider the golden age or rock (I would argue about 1966 to 1974 - but that's just me.). No absinthe (in fact no booze at all for a few weeks. Had my prostate embolized and the Alleve they gave me for pain ate my stomach. One step forwards two steps back.

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One step forwards two steps back.


Hope everything's well with your health, good sir. Get that stomach better soon. Don't want all that good absinthe to go to waste now.



Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore is what I test any new sound system with. If it can't handle that, it gets replaced.




Keegan Ales - Mother's Milk, followed up with Southern Tier - 2xSTOUT. :heart:



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