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Sipping Absinthe ;) Listenin' to Music

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Dylan, Clapton (and D&Ds); occasionally the Transformer album, and ska. Depends if I'm relaxing or dancing, generally. Sometimes jazz and classical, but I'm not going to say they're my faves.


I have over 600 CDs, so I have a bit of every style, and a lot of everything. I like '70s Bowie in my car (I don't do my drinking there). B)

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And now I'm longing to hear some old BOC. The original line-up kicked-butt. Unfortunately, my vinyl collection from my youth remains on another continent, their warm crackles, pops and memorable skips possibly never to be heard (by my ears) again.

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I think the Brut calls for some Goldfrapp also. Alison Goldfrapp's voice may very well be the pure voice of the Green Fairy... Have you not discovered her yet, do try her debut album "Felt Mountain". Songs like Utopia and Lovely Head sounds like themes for some missing James Bond movie. You know what I mean if you've heard it. :)


Agreed. Their album after Felt Mountain wasn't very good, but Felt Mountain out-Portisheaded Portishead.


Having an Absinthe or 2 and listening to AIR's Talkie Walkie has become a habit of mine recently.


Glass #3 is for My Bloody Valentine's Soon cranked up to 1000, sometimes pull out the guitar and play along.


Then around glass #4 I put on Kermit the Frog singing "Happy Feet".


And for glass #5, I put on Nick Cave's "The Curse of Millhaven" while I clean all the blood out of my shower, sink and freezer.


Then glass #6 is The Cure's "Faith" and everything seems back to normal.


I'm lying about 4,5 and 6. I only drink that much at parties, and it's hard to listen to any of those songs at parties.


Here's some other weird songs I have also listened to while drinking Absinthe and thoroughly enjoyed:

Dr. Feelgood--Motley Crüe

No More Tears--Ozzy Osbourne

C is for Cookie--Cookie Monster

Ave Satani--The Omen Soundtrack

We Are The Robots--Kraftwerk

I Wish This Would Be Your Colour--Einsturzende Neubauten

Golliwog's Cakewalk--Claude Debussy

Stripped--Rammstein's cover of Depeche Mode

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They Might Be Giants' "Mink Car" album. Haven't listened to it in about three years. I forgot how much I like this album.


I'll now go slink away into geekdom.

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And now I'm longing to hear some old BOC.

BOC as in Boards of Canada? :) I guess you probably don't mean them...

Anyway, that's a BOC I'm always longing to hear, irrespective of what I'm drinking. Their early albums "Twoism" and "Hi scores" should be on everyone's shelf.

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According to the rumour, the band name "The Sugar Cubes" came about because all of the band members shared an interest in Absinthe. Can anyone confirm or deny this?


According to the Hill's website (roughly translated):


"Originally Hill's absinth was only available in the Besídka restaurant in Slavonice. There it was ordered by the rock group The Sugar Cubes, who had travelled to nearby Dačíce to pay homage at the monument to the world's first sugar cube. Members of the band only wanted to have lunch at the Besídka, when they realized that it served absinth they remained long into the night. They then smuggled the liquor home in wine bottles."


N.B. I have not seen documented evidence for the truth of this claim.

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