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Absinthe 'kit' spammer

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Typical "monetized" websites. They build sites that look almost real and fill them with SEO engineered "articles" in order to attract traffic and clicks, for which they're paid by the sites they click through to.

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From the "article":


"To perform the Ritual, you will need the following:-


- Absinthe – A good quality Absinthe containing real herbal ingredients such as wormwood, aniseed and fennel. The Absinthe should contain thujone." :thumbdown:


"Instructions and tips for using the Bohemian method:-


- Pour 25-50ml of Absinthe into the glass and dip the sugar cube into it to soak the sugar.

- One has to place sugar cube on the Absinthe spoon and rest on the rim of the glass.

- The sugar will caramelize and melt by keeping it alight for one minute. One should carefully drip the sugar from the slots of the spoon into the Absinthe.

- Put the spoon into the Absinthe and pour the iced water into the Absinthe to put out any flames and to cause the Absinthe to louche.

- Absinthe drink can be enjoyed like this." :laf:



How wrong can you get within the same article?



I sometimes wonder if these folks have tried actually doing what they preach and how they can keep a straight face when talking about the enjoyment of burnt absinthe.

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