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Ari (Eric Litton)

Ethanol protects against thujone poisoning

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This has been around for a bit, I have just never noticed it or seen it mentioned. I came across it while updating Wikipedia's thujone entry and it seems just one other reason why no one should worry about thujone in absinthe.


The study on mice found the LD50 at around 45 mg/kg and LD100 at around 60 mg/kg. However if they administered 1 g/kg of ethanol to the mouse before they gave it thujone it could survive an otherwise lethal dose of 100 mg/kg thujone.


If that is the case in humans, then not only will you die many times over of ethanol poisoning before you reach dangerous doses of thujone but as the ethanol is killing you it is protecting you from thujone poisoning.


The whole thujone report (along with common errors about thujone in absinthe) can be found Here

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I remember seeing the paper before but not much about their thujone studies.

I am continually amazed how many science papers fully accept the belief that thujone is the evil part of absinthe or that there is an evil part to absinthe and then show that wrong only for another scientific paper to come along and make the same assumption.


To add to my OP, diazepam (Valium) and phenobarbital also protected the mice against a massive lethal dose.

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