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Phoenix Down - Final Fantasy Inspired Absinthe Cocktail

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Found this on thedrunkenmoogle.com, all credit goes to them. Just thought I should share. For those unfamiliar, "Phoenix Down" is a magical item that resurrects a player/team member in the Final Fantasy game series.


Phoenix Down (Final Fantasy Cocktail)



1/2 shot Absinthe

1/2 shot Zwack (Jagermeister will work too)

2 tsp. Simple Syrup

1 Splash Grenadine

Fill rest of the glass with Club Soda


Directions: Mix the absinthe, syrup, and soda water in a smaller glass (a perigord absinthe glass is used in the picture) until the drink becomes opalescent. Add ice if you prefer the drink really cold. Before serving, add the Zwack and grenadine. Both will settle nicely, leaving a nice orange on the top and a deep crimson below.


Unfortunately, Phoenix Downs may not be 100% effective when raising the dead, as I’m sure some spiky-headed ex-SOLDIERs know.

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There was another, based off of Final Fantasy 2's (4), "elixir" which restores both hp and mp, but it was just regular absinthe prepared with the drip method. :pirate:





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