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Jack Griffin

Happy Birthday Jen!!!!

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Hi everyone! Thank you :wub:


I have had a super day- Neil and I went down to St Ives (2 hours away) and visited The Tate St Ives (fantastic Peter Lanyon exhibit on now), ate well, visited the Barbara Hepworth Museum, I bought some art books, and now I'm home for a cozy evening. Neil is making homemade pizza dough (it's my job to sort the toppings) and we're planning to watch a film.


Also received an amazing absinthe gift from my former business associate (see my flickr for the photo of what I got) and the last bits of the shop handover are going smoothly.


So far, I can't complain about 2011! :cheers:


Starting this month, I'm also following my dream and am going forth with an art and writing career full-time. I've always wanted it and now I have the opportunity to do it.


If my mom were still with us, it'd be perfect, but I tell ya - regardless - this is one excellent birthday.


Love to you all! :heart:

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