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Jack Griffin

Seller falsly advertising fountain on Ebay

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This really bothers me, and I see 24 bids so far! This seller KNOWS this is a post ban fountain, has been told by several of us, and even responded. He has relisted this after not selling it the first time, as he apparently felt the winning bid was too low. Yes, somebody won, and he did not send it. It was not me BTW, I did not bid, as I won't support dishonest sellers. This is a 1930s post-ban fountain, for Berger Blanc, a pastis, which was not invented until 1932. He has it listed as 1890s, knowing full well it is not.


I am posting this so that folks here who may not know the history will be aware. It IS a nice POST-BAN fountain, but be warned, the seller could potentially back out even if you win, as this is what he did before.

Anybody selling with false claims, who knows he is misrepresenting, should be called out.


*BTW, it would be unwise to actually USE these old fountains due to potential high lead content, and often they had asbestos in the filters.


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Yes I did, though not my style. I only did this as I contacted him and was very clear, and he responded "OK", then never modified, and relisted the exact same way! It sold for under $300, and he had the shipping at $14 international last week. Others with very large names in the biz also told him.


I heard from a very reliable source here that he decided the winning bid was too low. This violates Ebay policy as well as being a rotten thing to do. He should have a reserve or buy it now, rather than stringing people along in this manner. He also has several other items listed, including a Dutruc pyrogéne with a starting bid of $1. I would not be able to trust this vendor in the future.


All the more reason when buying high-end items, to do so through a trusted and reputable dealer like Marc.

I have learned there are so many subtle elements to these pieces and their history, condition, age, etc...

that unless you REALLY need to know what you are doing, you can overpay greatly, and even be scammed.

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