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Let's make a deal

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PM me if interested.


So it turns out that I finally need to clear some room in my absinthe cabinets. Instead of moving some of my extras into a dark cupboard, I decided I'd come here first and see if anyone wants to swap for anything pictured below. I'm not really looking to sell them, but if you didn't have any absinthe or something to barter with then I would consider it.


I'll gladly keep the descriptions short and to the point so as not to come off sounding like used car salesman.




This vintage cordon has something funny on the lip, but it appears to be something that happened when making it. It's also got more of the darker tone to it then many antiques. It's totally fine to use and the only reason I'm getting rid of it is because it's a duplicate. - Gone




Vintage reservoir glass. - Gone




Vintage 5 dose topette with "Marc" etched on it. - Gone




Pernod uranium glass ashtray.




Reproduction spoons. All are Frenchman spoons except for the two on the right. The leaf one is a F. Guy spoon and the far right one I have no idea. It's stamped "Made in France" on the back. They're only pictured together to save space. If you want them all, great. If you only want one or a few, that's fine too.


PM me if interested.

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