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For months now—sporadically, I admit—I’ve been working on getting a blog started to help keep everyone up to date with the progress on Marteau and other ventures. However, collecting the different-but-overlapping friends/followers/sycophants/stalkers on my personal FaceBook page (Gwydion Stone) the Marteau FB page (Absinthe Marteau), and twitter (@AbsintheMarteau) turned out to be a challenge; I finally arrived at what I think may be a workable solution.


So, please check out my new WordPress blog at: http://www.gnostalgicspirits.com/blog/. In theory everything I post to the blog will be simultaneously posted to each of the FB accounts and twitter! With any luck at all, I can also post to that page with twitter. With even more luck, that will not create an endless feedback loop that will post back to twitter and FB, back to here, back to there… until we melt down and break the Internet backbone.


Mercury goes retrograde on Friday, anything could happen.


Anyway, the blog is where I’ll be posting anything remotely related to Absinthe Marteau, Gnostalgic Spirits Distillery, cocktails, observational comedy, tropical hijinks, and other ventures.


One such being the Red Orchid Music Co., a recording label established last year by me and my good friend and composer, Charles Roland Berry, for promoting Fine Arts musicians. Our first album, Absinthe Sonatas, is currently available as MP3 downloads, either the whole album or individual tracks.


Please feel free to bookmark and follow the blog. Also please feel free to ignore it entirely, should it suit your fancy. If you’re an industry person or a Wormwood Society member, this is where it will be happening. My personal FB page will be for personal friends and family only, and the Marteau FB page will be updated from the WordPress blog. No guarantees on how well various media and photos will be posted to the other places, but they do just fine at WP.


Thanks for watching.

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