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Maxim and Absinthe

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I was wondering if anyone else saw this disgusting travesty. You see, it's rather dumb for us to try and relate or experiences in a forum such as this, Maxim magazine has developed a wonderful absinthe rating system, the HOE system, or the Hacked Off Ears system, for those of you not in the absinthe know. I mean, why would I want to buy a bottle of Jade or Francoise Guy, I can just look at the table and see that Czech Strong has 4 whole Hacked Off Ears, and it tastes like crap, surely this is the stuff of legends! Oh, and we could drink absinthe light, "Tastes Great, Less Hallucinations", I always complain about how I would prefer a less psychotropic aperitif, and thank god, Maxim has provided me with one.


see for yourselves:



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