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Zman (Marc Bernhard)

Pacific Distillery...

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Hey everyone,

Pacifique Absinthe Voyager Gin will be on the TV! You can find them featured on "Hotmixology" which will be on the Fox Business Network beginning tonight. For 3 episodes over the next 3 weeks, Hotmixology will have some views of Pacific Distillery's products.

The times are all Pacific Standard Time (I guess you can add or subtract hours to find your local time zone).

Monday (tonight) 10:30PM

Tuesday 10:00PM

and Thursday 1:30AM (actually Friday morning).

And eventually those episodes will be on the Hotmixology website in the next few weeks.


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I saw the episode last night. What was really cool was seeing the bottle of Pacifique at the forefront of the bar and having it mentioned as it went into a cocktail.

Hopefully the exposure will lead to more folks trying to get a hold of some.


That being said, the show itself seemed a bit odd, and I myself would not have thought to combine Pacifique with Jaeger and Creme de Cacao.


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I'm not good with TV but I tried to find it but I just don't know the tricks. I reckon I'll wait until I can see it on the web somewhere....I'm sure(?) there will be a link.

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