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Ian McCarthy

Old bottle of Mandarine Napoleon, "floaties"

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I was gifted recently a 11.5 oz bottle of the lovely Mandarin Napoleon Liqueur. I have not had a chance to date it, but the label looks a bit old, and the level is about an ounce shy of contemporary bottlings.


Anyhow, there are quite a number of......floaties, in the bottle. They seem semi-opaque and white to beige in color, but it is hard to tell in an amber glass bottle. Any idea what they are? Is this safe to drink?

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I bought a bottle of Clement Creole Shrubb earlier this year at a mom and pop down in Baltimore. It clearly had been sitting on the shelf awhile as it was dusty and was an older bottling (the taller bottle with the nice hand-tied raffia). Anyway, when I got home, I noticed that the bottle was full of the same kind of floaties you're describing; since then, however, I've drunk about a third of the bottle with no ill effects. Your Mandarin Napoleon is obviously older and your floaties may well be different than mine, but I wonder if they're a product of the way these two orange liqueurs age in the bottle. Or maybe they come out to play as a result of the conditions under which they've been stored?

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