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From Lincoln Nebraska, the belly of the beast.



As a former resident myself, I sympathize. Welcome! :cheers:

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Wecome. I wish you much success in your new venture. I've often thought about opening a bar and restaurant.





Go for it. If your absinthe is any indication of the sort of place you would start, I could only assume great things. A little Parisian-esque bistro perhaps?




My place is going to be very spirit and cocktail forward, to the point where I might not even have beer or wine at all, (unless its getting mixed, of course.) i am forced to go through the Nebraska Liquour control board for all my spirits, and the absinthe selection is very slim, to say the least. getting new spirits into the state is a matter of badgering one of several authorzied distributors to pick up a few cases. If they think youare going to be the only customer buying it, they usually wont bother. But badger I must...

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