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First post - the journey begins

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Hello all,

So, this is my first of what I hope are many on this great board. I am officially obsessed with this magic elixir, and I have no intention of looking for a cure. I have tried so far:

St. George, Pacifique and Vieux Pontarlier. My tastes have favored the Saint, while the wife is all about Vieux. Pacifique has all the right factors, just nothing that stuck out to us...very good though and we will buy again...great for bringing my friends over to the dark side.


Taking a trip into the Village in NYC to Astor Wine and check out their excellent selection....we're thinking maybe Mansinthe....but who knows...and the the fun part!

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Good to have you here! Those are an interesting trio to start with, and kudos to you for plunging right in with some very different absinthes at once. Enjoy the taste testing. :thumbup:

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Hiya JV! I recommend picking up some Delaware Phoenix while you're at Astor. As you sit with the bottles more, they'll get better, your palate will "get better," and favorites may change. :) I've found some fascinating fluctuations in my favorites as the time goes by.

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