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Decided to de-lurk

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Hello All. :wave2:

Well after three Corsair Reds(Nice drink, by the way).I've screwed up the nerve to de-lurk. Like alot of Absinthe drinkers I started w/Czechsinth. Much to the horror of my supposedly intelligent co-horts.( Don't you know every civilized nation in the world has banned that evil drink? What are you thinking? You will surely die if a drop of that touches your lips!) They may have had a point if all they were talking about was Czechsinth but.....

After all the hysteria,(and I still consider myself a noob) with a little research, I quickly graduated to quality brands...Pacifique...DuPlais....Walton Waters...Meadow of Love(my personal favorite)..the Jades...well you get the point.


Thank you to each and every one of you for helping to increase my knowledge of Absinthe and to de-mystify this wonderful spirit.




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