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How to make ceviche

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Prepare this at night so that it will be ready in the morning, or do this in the morning so that it will be ready at night:




Any amount of white fish you would like to use (I make about a half-gallon at a time because people will eat it up quickly)

Chopped/diced onion (one cup for every three cups of fish you make)

Chopped/diced red and green peppers (one-half cup of each) for a festive color

Hot sauce (if desired) picante

Salt and Pepper to taste

Lime juice, enough to entirely cover the fish completely


A glass or ceramic bowl or large jar

A box of crackers for lightly toasted bread to eat the ceviche




Chop the white fish into small squares and put into the bowl or container you have prepared for this. A round pyrex bowl is perfect.

Add the onion, the green and red peppers (you could also use yellow)

Add the hot sauce to taste, I prefer to leave the hot sauce out and only people who likes hot will add it at the time of eating in an individual plate.

Cover everything well with the lime juice. It should cover the fish by at least 1/4"

Cover the bowl with a clean dishtowel or cover.

Leave on the kitchen counter, or until the fish is the color white, it may take 6-8 hours to marinate.

The fish will have cooked in the lime juice. If it is too watery, just pour some of the lime juice out.

Refrigerate until cold. When it is cold, it is ready to be served. It will last for about a week


At the time of serving cut avocados in small pieces and add on the top of your bowl, or you can make individual serving using for example a cocktail party glass where the avocados will be on the top of the ceviche.


Enjoy by placing a bit of the mixture on a cracker, and eat with your favorite drink.


Ceviche is usually well accompanied by a coke, a rum-and coke, or a beer.


Enjoy !

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Good recipe. Having consumed a good bit of the stuff: Sub the bell pepper for Peruvian rocoto(hot!) and the picante sauce for Peruvian Aji peppers. Use purple onions. In Peru it is served with a slice of sweet potato (to give your taste buds a break from the firery ceviche), corn, with a cold lager, and on a beach with pretty girls in string bikinis. The beach part is nearly mandatory.

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Every ceviche aficionado in Kansas, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska just flipped you the bird, and farted in your general direction. :tongue: :laugh:

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I once had fresh conch ceviche in The Bahamas. Fresh as in I saw the conch caught in the ocean and pried out of the shells. I think it may have been one of the best things I've ever eaten. Perfect accompaniment to the Goombay Smashes I always drink while I'm there.

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