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Brian Robinson

The Placebo Effect

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I've seen so many disclaimers on med labels that indicate suicide as a side effect. They may have fifteen lines of side effects and one line dedicated to it's virtues.

Everyone is different in regards to meds. Everyone is different in their opinions of cars, favorite colors, furniture, booze of course and mates/partners. There is no perfect anything. Well, there is one perfect thing. :reaper:

If a placebo works for you then, by all means, continue.

A mind is a wonderful tool and opinions could be easily swayed by someone casually mentioning differing effects.

One of my medical professionals indicated that I'm more normal than I think I am. I began to worry about being in traffic with "normal" people. So, I find a happy place and set there. Sometimes with a drink of questionable lineage. :cheers:

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I'd be afraid to take that stuff.



well.... for sometime I took Abilify, together with a "coquetel" .... all prescribed by my MD.....


it is something like this :


You know that you are in the railroad

the train is coming to run you over

but you don't care


that is the feeling.


what is really correct is to jump out of the tracks !!!! What I only did after stopping with all these drugs.


and worse than that... for 2 years I could not even drink a beer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the WORST PART !!!!!!!!!!




- Marelo

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