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Cool birthday gift!

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One of my co-workers (I call her mom number 3 because she treats me like one of her own) gave me a NICE birthday gift today:

(sorry for camera phone pics)






2 small stemmed glasses made of uranium glass that she picked up at a local antique shop, and a sugar bowl she ordered for me online! (also pictured is the bag of marbles I got to go in my fountain)


The glasses will be great for the absinthe tasting party I'm having next weekend :)


just wanted to share!

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Thanks for the wishes ;) :cheers:


Brian: the marbles/stones are also uranium glass - I got them on eBay last week :)


Joe: it should be listed... Is actually today (the 3rd) :)

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Just a little update to this:


We were talking with my mother in-law about the cool glasses I got and she said "I think grandpa has something like that!" So we called him up and he said he has a full set of glasses that we can have! :yahoo:


He has been buying/selling antiques for most of his life - so that is pretty awesome! I will post up some pictures once we pick them up - stopping by his house this weekend... hopefully we can find them (he is in Florida right now).

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