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Gwydion Stone

Forum Organization, Ranks, Groups, Etc.

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In the forums we have "ranks" and "groups." This isn't really by choice, it's part of the forum software. So here's an explanation of the nomenclature and structure of the ranks and groups.


The rank is directly above your user picture or "avatar", and relates only to the number of posts you've made, i.e., how active you are. Before you make your first post it says "Lurker." After your first post it will change to "Newcomer." When you've made your 15th post, it will change to "Member." When you make your 500th post, it will change to "Advanced Member" etc. It then becomes your custom member title and you can edit it yourself if you like. Sometimes admins mess around with people's custom member title, all in good fun.


The idea of the rank is not to make as many posts as you can, but to participate actively. A post of substance, whether it shows absinthe knowledge, a good question, or just a sharp wit, is much more appreciated than a "me too!" post.


The group is listed below your user picture, and indicates access privileges, board functions, and subscription levels. These are our groups:



Your average netizen surfing by, or anyone not logged in. They don't have access to The Salon or its sub-forums, where slightly more private discussions take place, like planning events in homes, photo postings of events, and so on. Also, these can be discussions we prefer to keep out of search engines.



A new person who just got here. Once they reach 15 posts, they'll be a Member.



This is the general membership level.


Bronze Member, Silver Member, Gold Member, Diamond Member

These are regular Members who subscribe on a monthly basis and help to support WS. The levels are $5, $10, $20 and $50, respectively. There are also anonymous options for each of these. This money goes to software licensing, hosting, domain, and the root admin's internet connectivity.


Content Team

These folks help organize community projects like the WS Calendar, the WS Members Music CD, the WS Absinthe Guide smartphone app, etc. They have access to the Content Team HQ section of the board.



They moderate forum discussions, move posts and topics around when needed, edit posts, make them visible or invisible as needed, and generally help keep things running smoothly.


Advisory Board

These are the folks who help steer. A volunteer group of experienced and trusted people who help make serious administrative decisions and make sure I don't let the fact that I'm also an absinthe brand owner effect the decisions I make about WS. They also have access to the Board Room and Content Team HQ.


Admin/Root Admin

Admins have total control of the board. There are two of us: Joe Legate and myself. We can approve new members, create new sections and forums, move stuff around, make stuff disappear, ban disruptive members, change their posting access, etc.


Indefinite Suspension

Not permanently banned, but definitely in the dog house. Might be coming back, might not, depending on the reason for suspension and level of contrition and reform.



Banned is banned. These people are gone for good. You usually have to mess up pretty bad to actually get banned. These include spammers, trolls, and hostile and intentionally disruptive members.

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