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Jack Griffin

Show Us Your Stash!

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Here's our current stash:



Strangely, a goth night in Athens with $5 Lucid got us back into absinthe after a sort of long hiatus (minus the purchase of the Copper & King, which I was quite happy with really). I was pretty happy with the Lucid (first time having it) after we got them making it right, they were serving 1-1, woof that was hard to swallow!

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My stash has grown to over 40 bottles: French, American, Swiss, Czech, German. Too many to photograph.


Bugnon and Martin are my favorite distillers by a very wide margin. Swiss absinthe rocks.

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I love how the Absente bottle has it's back turned, like it knows it shouldn't really be there.  Jade PF 1901 and Enigma Blanche are absinthes i'd love to have in my cabinet.  

Also, I just learned how to link an image bigger than .2MB, so here you go everybody!


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