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Joe Legate

Brennivin's Monday Party

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Thanks all! I don't think I ever caught this thread before. Glad I did so I didn't seem ungrateful!


As for it being on a Monday ... I skipped work :) It was my birthday dammit, shouldn't have to worry about whether or not the Lady GaGa picture online is the most recent!


So I spent the day on the couch chillin', reading comics, playing video games, watching hours and hours of Heroes, and having a cheesesteak for lunch with a few Old Speckled Hens.


A good day :)

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Wanted to wish you a happy birthday, and to thank you for working through the Savoy Book. It's wonderful to see the historical side of our profession in action, and to see someone that has the discipline to carry through and put the necessary effort into reviving all these classics.


Cheers to you, sir.

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