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Jack Griffin

Absinthe being banned in New Zealand?

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The more time you spend the the world of absinthe, the more you will realize how hard it is to correct misconceptions. People who know next to nothing about absinthe (and cannot even say what's in it) nevertheless will speak with great confidence about it. Some of the whoppers I've heard include:


"The stuff they're selling now doesn't have real wormwood in it."


"It causes brain cancer."


"I got real absinthe on a trip to Eastern Europe...you can't get real absinthe in America."




One does what one can....

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McKiwi? They didn't have that when I was there. Granted it's been many years, but the only strange item at McDonald's at that time was the "Kiwi Burger". It was a burger with an egg, beets and beet juice on it (among other normal things). That's when I learned how good an egg is on a cheeseburger.


So what's a McKiwi, or am I just too dense to get the joke?


EDIT: A Google search shows that they are one and the same sandwich. My life was changed forever (for the better) when I learned about eating cheeseburgers with an egg on them. I'm glad I'm not missing out on some other awesome discovery.

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I didn't know about the egg, but thought it was just a beet slice on there.


Raspberry coke intrigues me though, and why they thought to try it out there baffles me. :twitchsmile:

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