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Hello To Everyone!!

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:cheers: Hello, my name is Paul! :cheers: (good opener!) This is my second post on this site and I would like to fill in some details about who I am and what led me to pursue the Green Fairy. I first got introduced to Absinthe as many of you did watching movies and seeing what this drink does to you through acting. I've lately figured out, after maaaaany tries, that the green fairy is a smaller, greener version of the easter bunny :thumbdown: . But, that did not deter me from looking into the tradition of absinthe drinking and the people who made drinking it a lifestyle and a thought opener.


What I found was what I've been missing... a hobby and a getaway! Absinthe for me is more then alcohol, it is a tradition and a ritual that was once lost and then brought back to people who understand what this drink is all about. I don't want to go on and on how absinthe has been an inspiration for me so I'll just leave it at that for now!


I sell absintheware through many means (Ebay: PolishSoprano) (Amazon: AbisntheSpirit) and am currently building a site AbsintheSpirit.com that will cater to the Absinthe minded person as well as newcomers wanting to experience what this drink is all about!


I hope this introduction will help you know a little bit about who I am (even though it's short!)




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