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I was a 41 year old Virgin

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Hello all. Had my first real Absinthe Saturday night and I'm happy to say I'm not dead yet...although I may be addicted. I had always known about Absinthe and occasionally enjoyed Pastis, but didn't think about it much until I had the opportunity to travel in France last year. I began to look for it while traveling in Southern France and was frustrated to only find Absente. I'm sure I wasn't looking in the right places. Now I'm going shopping.




Funny Sugar Cubes

T shirt



Oh yeah..Absinthe...

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As Hiram always likes to remind us, the Pontarleir glasses are available here, with some of the proceeds going to help support the site. I've got a set of these that I always use (Hey Hiram... why no spoons as well? even a simple pressed one would be fine)


But these are a little too delicate for getting too wild with. For that you need something that is made from thicker stuff. I usually use the one made by Absente, which you can find here (the second edition) which come as two glasses and two spoons for $20. Other than the "advertising" on the glass, I think it is fine.


...and you forgot to put "fountain" on your list!

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...and you forgot to put "fountain" on your list!


And yet another spoon because you want some different designs.

And some more absinthe (new ones are popping up regularly).

And this cool glass you just saw and must have.

And even more absinthe.

And some antiques (it is, after all, kinda cool to drink from something used back then).

And a sample of vintage absinthe, when you get the opportunity.

And more absinthe.

And one of Kirks' grilles.

Or one by GrayWolf, when they are ready.

Or both.

And more absinthe.

And another spoon.

And another glass - wait, not a repro, 'cuz you just saw an original on eBay that looked awfully pretty.

And more absinthe.



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Welcome! :cheers: It was good meeting you Saturday; I'm glad you made it.


I'm looking into selling the "swirl" Torsade glasses Robert pointed out as well. I'm also looking into original WS glasses and spoons.


Robert, I remember you giving me a lead on that Saturday night, can you PM it to me?

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