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Moth Podcast: Bootlegger Blues, L. Gabrielle Penabaz

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My wife got me listening to the Moth Podcast, which can be amusing. I just listened to one while attempting to train some weights at the rec center (labor house), and it was all about absinthe... kinda. She did at least kinda know what she was looking for, just didn't find the right places to look. Lets hope she's found something good by now. Anyhow, I thought I would put it up for further scrutiny.


it was recorded in 2007, so you know:

the Moth website

Bootlegger Blues mp3 (free podcast)



Oh, and if this has been posted before, sorry. I did a short search, but it may not have been exhaustive.

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I listened to this as well, and found it interesting. What I enjoyed most was her realization that the reason she enjoyed the small absinthe parties was because she liked being with her friends and making the drink the proper way - something which got lost when it turned into a huge party thing. It's nice to know that it is possible for people to realize that bigger isn't always better, and bring a halt to things which have gotten too far away from what made them enjoyable in the first place.

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