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New from Atlanta!

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I decided it was time I joined. I've noticed the bottles appearing at the liquor stores and the Vortex (Atlanta restaurant) even sells it. So I guess my days of ordering abroad are coming to an end. I have a good stockpile so it may be awhile before I have to order more but there have been a few I've been watching and now I have a place to go to ask those all important questions. The "What Are You Drinking Tonight" topic will be a regular spot for me.


So glad to be here!

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J'imagine toujours dramatique de l'ONU "Bienvenue à la Société Wormwood", Suivie par le thème de Jurassic Park. Sais pas pourquoi. Bienvenue! :cheers:

[/ Quote]


:laugh: Oui! Comme King Kong, bienvenue dans l'antre de l'absinthe!

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Thanks all!


Welcome from another Georgia local! I'd be interested to know which package stores you've been frequenting that now preclude you from ordering abroad (as I'm still doing so). I live in Roswell, so I don't usually shop down in Atlanta proper but it would be well worth a trip to avoid some of the shipping fees. Then again, maybe sometime we can share an order and save some pesos. :cheers:


I don't generally drink at the Vortex (cause I'm the driver), but again this might require some amending, which absinthes are they serving? Another local joint I think might be amenable to adding absinthe to their regular bar faire is The Thinking Man Tavern in Decatur, and I plan to discuss when next I'm there for Skeptics in the Pub or the Science Tavern meet-ups. I suspect Atlantans would be amenable to the wonders of absinthe, it would be great to see that happen.


"Remember the burning of Atlanta? That was because someone foolishly lit their absinthe on fire. Let's not do that again, y'all."



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