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Sipping Absinthe :) Watchin' Movies

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On 9/9/2018 at 12:50 AM, Cajun Magic said:

Just watched Hereditary, I'd rate it a 3.4/5. It was a refreshing Psychological/Occult Horror film with a lot of good things going for it that modern horror movies are sadly lacking.

I'm digging this whole horror renaissance that we're experiencing.  Seems like it's been many years since we've had such a high-caliber selection of horror films available to us.  My favorite newer movies include Hereditary, A Quiet Place, Don't Breathe, The VVitch, The Void, and It.

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Yeah there are more directors and producers who are passionate about horror being able to make the movies they want because of independent studios/distribution companies,crowdfunding, et cetera. In the 80's Horror became further established as a cash cow (for better and worse). Sadly for a few decades non-horror directors were forced to direct horror movies to bankroll the films they wanted to make thanks to standard practices of big studios and thus lackluster horror flicks were made. The VVitch, Hereditary, and The Void are amazing and you can see the love that went into those movies. I'm glad that there is more of a free market option for movie making rather than the crony corporatism that was the only way of making movies back in the day. Directors and producers have more control of the movies they want to make now. Heck even big directors have suffered the industry environment. Francis Ford Coppola was told TWICE that there was no way he was getting Marlon Brando. Thankfully he muscled through for the sake of both The Godfather and Apocalypse Now. Anyways I'll check out the other movies you've listed. 

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Checked out Audition last night. I was in a rare mood for gore. It wasn't that gory, which was a disappointment, but the movie itself was actually pretty good. It's about an older Japanese man that holds an audition for a new wife, and gets more than he bargained for.

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